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Sparrow 1.1 for Mac adds IMAP email support, Priority Inbox and more

sparrow 1.1 screenshot
Sparrow, the slick-looking alternative mail client for Mac, is no longer Gmail-only! With the release of version 1.1 -- now available in the Mac App Store -- Sparrow supports any IMAP account you've got. That includes MobileMe, Yahoo and AOL accounts, as well as any custom IMAP setups you're running on your own domains.

Sparrow 1.1 also supports one of the most-requested Gmail features: Priority Inbox. Sparrow won't make Priority Inbox magically work with your non-Gmail accounts, but Gmail users should be very happy. Other improvements include a new formatting bar, so you can customize the look of your email messages, an "unread only" section that hides all your old mail, and multitouch gestures for Macs that support them.

The update to 1.1 is free for all paid Sparrow users. The price for new Sparrow users is $9.99.

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