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Opera Mobile 11 and Mini 6 released: faster, tablet interfaces, and lots more

opera mobile 11Better mobile browsing seems to be the special of the day, with the Firefox for Mobile RC landing alongside the Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6 releases. Both Mobile and Mini have had their user interfaces touched up, modernized, and enhanced for use on tablet devices. Both have also added social networking integration for fast sharing of URLs as you browse.

Opera Mobile 11 now has a faster Presto rendering engine and improved JavaScript performance, expanded HTML5 support (including the audio and video tags), and the ability to display Adobe Flash content on Android. Haptic response, smoother panning and zooming, session restore, and Web Open Font Format support have also been added.

For users who have less powerful phones or want to conserve data, Opera Mini 6 offers a full mobile browsing experience with tremendous bandwidth savings thanks to Opera's compression kung fu. Pinch-to-zoom support has been added, and Opera Mini can now pass YouTube video links to your device's built-in player. There are also better navigation controls.

Download Opera Mobile 11 or Opera Mini 6 for your phone or tablet.

Android users can also find Opera Mobile in the Market. iOS users, fear not: Opera promises an update for your Apple device is coming soon, too!

Opera Mobile 11

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