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Firefox 4 officially launched, 1,000,000 downloads and climbing fast

Firefox 4 launched
Mozilla has just flipped the switch on the new, rather beautiful Firefox 4 download page. No, we have no idea who those three cute (and utterly crazy) characters are.

Update: You can keep track of Firefox 4 downloads around the globe with Glow, a beautiful pseudo-real-time download counter. There's also Twitter Party, which builds a Firefox logo mosaic from Firefox-related tweets.

Along with the download page, there is a lovely HTML5ified tour of Firefox 4's new features, covering Sync, hardware acceleration, the new privacy controls, and links to the Web O' Wonder demos, how to set up Panorama, and more.

At the time of writing there have been 385,000 downloads, which we assume are downloads from yesterday's 'pre-release' flurry. Let's see if we can get it up over 8 million in the next 24 hours and secure another world record for Mozilla! It looks like this is the same build that we linked to yesterday, so there shouldn't be any need to re-download. Update: Just two and a half hours in and the number of downloads is over 1.1 million.

Once you've installed Firefox 4, check our complete guide. We also have a fine selection of Firefox 4's finest restartless add-ons -- and if you're a first-timer, or you're defecting from Chrome or Internet Explorer, check out our must-have list of add-ons.

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