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Firefox 4 for Mobile RC released, hints of new badge-collecting social game Firefox Spark

Firefox 4 SparkThe near-final Release Candidate of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo is now available to download. The final release is expected in the next week or so.

Moving away from the beta builds, this RC is more of a stability and spit-polish release than anything else. Usability-wise, the release notes point out that there are now 150 add-ons that work with Firefox 4 for Mobile, up from 100 last month -- and there's now a Form Assistant, which should make logging into websites a lot easier, especially if you have Firefox Sync enabled.

The most significant change is that the now-infamous checkerboarding from page rendering and scrolling is now a lot less prevalent, thanks to smarter rendering and page loading algorithms. Likewise, JavaScript performance has apparently been improved, but we haven't had a chance to confirm it yet. There's a promotional video from Mozilla that demonstrates Firefox 4 for Mobile after the break.

Finally, the RC contains a link to Firefox Spark, a new badge-collecting website, which seems to be one of Firefox 4 for Android's 'launch goodies.' As far as we know, Firefox Spark will be a social game, where you share the Firefox for Android download link, collect badges, and level up. We're not sure of the exact details yet, though.

Grab Firefox 4 for Android from the Market or download the Maemo version.

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