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Quickshot camera app for iOS saves photos straight to Dropbox

If you upload a lot of photos from your iPhone to Dropbox, you know it's kind of a pain in the butt. Opening the Dropbox app and then individually transferring each photo takes quite some time, and there's no batch photo select option available. Quickshot with Dropbox for iOS offers a way to get the job done, though.

With Quickshot, you just select a photos folder in your Dropbox and start shooting. Your photos will be uploaded automatically. You don't even have to save the shots to your phone's camera roll if you don't want to.

Quickshot doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles as a camera, but if you prefer to shoot with a fancier app -- or use the iPhone's built-in Camera app for HDR -- you can still use Quickshot to select and batch-upload photos from your camera roll. Nice!

In the latest version, Quickshot added iPad 2 support and the ability to remove location tags from your photos before they're uploaded.

By the way, Quickshot is not to be confused with another, unrelated app called "Quick Shot - All in One Camera," so be careful if you're searching for it in the app store.

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