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GroupMe group messaging service launches beta BlackBerry app

GroupMe beta for BlackBerry

, the group texting and call conferencing service that made its name by relying on SMS to send group messages, has launched an application for BlackBerry smartphones. The app is still in beta stage, and it doesn't seem to incorporate the most recent changes to the company's iOS and Android apps, which now also let you use your data connection to send messages.

GroupMe beta for BlackBerry does have all the basics, though. You can create new groups, send messages to any of your groups, and attach photos. The user interface is simple and easy to use, and doesn't really get in your way (although it probably won't win any design awards either).

If you're unfamiliar with GroupMe's basic principle, here's a quick rundown. Each group that you create gets its own unique phone number. When you send a text message to that number, all the members of that group receive it (and you only send one message, instead of one to each contact). If you call a group's number, you'll be connected to all the group's members in a conference call. The numbers assigned to your groups can be saved as contacts, making things even easier to manage. You can even create 'short-term groups', which you can set to expire after a certain time.

GroupMe is free to install and use, but keep in mind that the BlackBerry beta app will use text messages and minutes from your mobile plan.

Download GroupMe beta for BlackBerry from the BlackBerry App World

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