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Get a data protection and recovery bundle for just $25, proceeds go to Japanese Red Cross

Bundlelytic charity data recovery bundle
Bundlelytic, until March 25, is offering a data protection and recovery bundle for $25. The bundle contains Genie Timeline, Paragon Backup & Recovery, and EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional. Individually the three packages would cost you $160.

If the great price wasn't sweet enough, 80% of all proceeds -- as in, 80% of your $25 -- will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. In other words, you're paying $5 for software worth $160, and donating $20 to charity, to help the Japanese rebuild after the massive destruction caused by last week's earthquake and tsunami.

Almost as important, though, is that all three of the tools included in the bundle are top-notch. Paragon Backup & Recovery received top marks from Lee, and EASEUS Data Recovery is one of our go-to tools for scraping the last vestiges of data from dead drives. We haven't used Genie Timeline before, but it sounds pretty nifty -- it takes snapshots of your hard drive every 30 minutes and automatically backs up any changes. It even keeps revisions of your documents, just like Apple's new Time Machine and Versions in the upcoming OS X Lion.

Buy the Bundlelytic's Data Protection and Recovery bundle for $25

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