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The Tunnel will be the first movie simultaneously released on BitTorrent and DVD

The Tunnel movie
Paramount, with its upcoming horror/thriller movie The Tunnel, is hoping to turn movie distribution on its head by offering it as a legal BitTorrent download.

This will be the first movie to be released simultaneously on DVD and BitTorrent -- legally, that is. But wait, there's more! The film's producers are "selling off" frames one by one, for $1 each, a la Million Dollar Homepage (although there are only 135,000 individual frames here) -- in the hope that they'll cover the movie's funding. There's also an online store selling Tunnel-themed apparel and posters, for those willing to buy such items.

The DVD will contain more material than what will be officially released through BitTorrent, which is how the producers hope they'll convince people to buy the DVD. Extra content and alternative endings will be on the disc, but there's absolutely no stopping the Internet's 'pirates' from making those available on BitTorrent as well.

The Tunnel's distribution mechanism is quite risky from a financial standpoint, but it will be interesting to see how it will all pan out in the end. Bankrupt producers? Or perhaps a happy end that will entice more film makers to try such alternative distribution methods? Until we find out, you can watch a video teaser for the movie (as the word "trailer" seems to have become uncool) after the break.

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