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LastPass Sesame enables two-factor authentication for your password vault

Two-factor authentication is a good way to add a strong, additional layer of security to your online accounts. While it's certainly important to use with something like your Google account (which recently added support), a password manager like LastPass is an even better place to batten down the hatches this way.

LastPass users who have a premium account should definitely check out Sesame, a program for Windows, Mac, and Linux which creates one-time use passwords for two-factor authentication. Simply enable two-factor authentication in your LastPass settings, launch Sesame, and select the account for which you need to generate a password.

You do need a $12 per year premium account to utilize Sesame, but the increased security two-factor authentication provides certainly seems worth one measly dollar per month to us.

You'll find LastPass Sesame on the company's download page -- just click through to your OS of choice. To see Sesame in action, check the video after the break!

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