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Angry Birds iOS update ends their Frontier Badlands adventure with 15 new levels, a Golden Egg and ads

Angry Birds
Angry Birds, everyone's favorite casual gaming juggernaut, has just been updated to version 1.5.3 for iOS. In 'yet another blistering update' the Birds conclude their adventures in the Frontier Badlands with 15 new levels 'each more challenging than the next.' There's also another Golden Egg to be had too, and it's apparently 'good, band and ugly' all in one deliciously difficult to obtain challenge.

It's no wonder Angry Birds remains so popular with the constant stream of updates Rovio rolls in. With new contenders like Tiny Wings on the block, the Birds that kicked it all off will need to keep it coming, and with $42 million in the bank, there's no reason to think the Angry Birds production line should halt any time soon.

Hit the App Store for the update, and let them Frontier Pigs have it, one last time.

Update: Looking at the App Store reviews, Rovio's decision to include some promotional material for other Angry Birds-associated content on the pause screen (screen shot after the break) has angered some.

What do you think dear readers? Should a 99c game contain any ads and would you even class these as ads?

Angry Birds now includes ads

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