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RIM's BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform beta SDK now available for developers

BBM Social Platform SDKRIM have announced that their BlackBerry Messenger-based social initiative, dubbed 'BBM Social Platform,' has made it into public beta. Promised at the end of September last year, RIM has created a BBM SDK, opening up its popular messaging service to developers for integration into other apps, pushing the social edge, allowing embedded chat, status updates, location sharing, and file transfers.

This will give developers the ability to embed BBM chats into games for example, creating what RIM calls 'Super Apps,' allowing gamers to communicate over BBM without exiting the game and without having to have pre-existing contacts to chat like you do in the ordinary BBM client.

Currently the beta SDK is only for Java developers, but RIM promised that BlackBerry WebWorks developers will get a taste of the pie starting in April, including all the API access given to Java apps. Interested developers can head on over to the BlackBerry Developers zone for more information or download the SDK.

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