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Opera 11.10 beta released, adds plug-in installer, improved standards support

opera 11.10 beta
Yesterday we let you know that the Opera 11.10 beta would be available for download today -- and here it is. As we've shown you before, the betacuda Barracuda beta includes a much-improved Speed Dial page. There's also an improved Presto 2.8 rendering engine, support for Google's WebP image file format, improved CSS support, and an enhanced mail client. Opera 11.10 also offers improved feature tips, which you may see appear from time to time -- they're subtle, and easy enough to hide.
One other change you'll notice is that Opera 11.10 will now offer to install the Flash Player plug-in if it's missing from your system and required by a page. Firefox and Internet Explorer have offered this functionality for some time, and it's nice to see Opera finally fold it in.

Opera 11.10 beta is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you don't want to overwrite your existing Opera data, just make sure you choose the USB option during installation.

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