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Nokia Software Updater for Mac now available

Nokia Software Updater for Mac

Nokia has released the first version of the Software Updater for Mac, via Nokia Beta Labs -- its arm that deals with experimental and pre-release software, akin to Google's 'Labs' features in their products.

The Nokia Software Updater is an application that, like its name implies, allows you to update the software on your Nokia phone. Up until now, there's only been a Windows version of the tool available, so in a way it's nice to see Nokia finally acknowledge the need for it to go to the Mac as well. On the other hand though, the usefulness of NSU is quite diminished by the fact that every Nokia smartphone released in the past few years or so supports over-the-air software updates. And with something called User Data Preservation also built into these smartphones, all your data should stay intact after an OTA update (although a backup first is still advisable in case something goes wrong).

Nokia Beta Labs have actually labeled this a Release Candidate. It is still in development, and will be updated based on the feedback that is gathered from its users. Critical improvements will be prioritized, and the Beta Labs team is also looking for ideas for improving future releases.

You can download the Nokia Software Updater for Mac from Nokia Beta Labs, and make sure you file any bugs you find, and let them know of any suggestions you may have for making the product better.

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