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AOL Tech redesigned, brings WP7's Metro UI to the Web Metro redesign

A couple of months after Microsoft started testing it, the new design is now live for everyone. You can see it simply by going to, whereas until now you had to use a special URL to access it.

The new design is clearly inspired by the Metro UI, and as such makes the website look a lot like the Zune media player, Windows Media Center, and, perhaps most strikingly, Windows Phone 7. Especially reminiscent of Microsoft's newest mobile platform effort is the way you switch between the 'For Home' and 'For Work' parts of the site. When you reach the site, you see the former. To switch to the latter, you click on the arrow that's visible beneath 'For Work', and then the new page just slides into view from the right to the left. A link to 'For Home' then appears where the 'For Work' link used to be, and clicking it results in the same horizontal sliding action that's very rarely seen on the Web.

It certainly looks like, for the first time in many years, Microsoft is aiming to unify the design language across all of their products, services, and Web presences, and that's a very good thing regardless of how you feel about the Metro UI elements. And since Windows 8 is rumored to get some Metro-like UI elements, we're set to see more and more of this design from Microsoft in the coming years, so you'd better get used to it.

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