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DropVox for iOS lets you record voice memos straight to Dropbox

DropVox for iOSDropVox for iOS is a neat app that only aims to do one simple thing, and does it very well. It lets you record voice memos on your iDevice, and instantly uploads them to your Dropbox cloud storage. DropVox records using the M4A extension.

Using the app is as simple as it should be. Upon first launch, you link it to your Dropbox account, after which you just start recording whenever you feel like it. Just hit the gigantic Record button and start talking. The recordings are stored in a DropVox folder which will pop up inside the root folder of your Dropbox storage. If you'd like to save your voice memos elsewhere, you can use the app's settings to choose whichever folder you want. You can also set the app to automatically start recording when it's launched.

DropVox is available for $0.99, 50% off its normal price, for a limited time. It works on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that's running iOS 4.0.2 or later.

Download DropVox from the iTunes App Store

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