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Google Chrome logo updated, now flatter, cuter and more balanced (pictures)

New Chrome logo
Just a week after its open-source brother Chromium had its logo summarily flattened, Chrome has followed suit. For now it's only available in the Developer channel, but presumably it will quickly percolate down to the Beta and Stable channels. There are some more images of the new logo after the break.

It was originally speculated that the Chromium logo change was to differentiate it from Chrome, but now it looks like Google might just have grown tired of the unbalanced, 3D-effect Chrome orb. The new geometric design is definitely easier on the eye, and it will be a lot more flexible too. Its icon has been updated as well, and it looks great on the Windows 7 taskbar.

We expect there'll be a statement from Google about the new logo later today, and we'll update this post when we find out more.

[thanks to bidyut for the tip!]

Chrome new, Chromium new

Chrome (left) Chromium (right)

Old Chrome (left) Old Chromium (right)

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