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Google's Hotpot Challenge NCAA Championship easter egg Web game celebrates College basketball

Google Hotpot challenge
To celebrate the start of the 2011 NCAA Championship season, Google's gone and got a little basketball crazy. But there's more -- if you click-through to the College Basketball Google site, and click on the hoop on the right of the page, a ball will roll in from the left and ask you: 'Are you ready to take the Hotpot challenge?'

Clicking 'Start game' takes you to a simple Web game where you have to shoot some hoops by controlling the ball flight arc using your mouse. Sounds simple, but the ball is placed at varying distances from the basket, making scoring big pretty tricky indeed.

After a couple of attempts all I could manage was a measly score of 70, but I bet that you can do better than me, so hit up the Hotpot challenge, prove you're the best and share your high scores in the comments.

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