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Google Search for iPhone replaces Google Mobile app

Google Mobile for iPhone has become Google Search for iPhone, and the new name comes with a new look and some additional features. There's a slick-looking new sidebar -- activated by swiping to the right -- where you can decide what kind of results you want to see, including news, images and all the other familiar Google search types.

Once you get your results, swiping down will reveal the search bar and let you change your settings. At the bottom of the screen, there's an "apps" button that offers easy access to the mobile web versions of other Google products. The microphone icon activates Voice Search, and the camera icon opens Google Goggles.

Google has made subtle improvements within the app, too, including upgrades for Goggles, Voice Search, Search With My Location and Gmail unread counts. Ubiquitous help buttons everywhere in the app will fill you in on all of the cool feature updates.

Google Search is available for free in the App Store now.

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