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Rdio gets the jump on Spotify with API release, affiliate program

Rdio is a much-beloved streaming music service, and it's got one serious advantage over Spotify at the moment: it's already available in the U.S. So while Americans continue to wait for the arrival of Spotify, Rdio is doing its best to strengthen its position in the marketplace.

To that end, Rdio is enlisting the aid of developers by releasing an API for the service and announcing an affiliate program. The API is already in use in a few places, like AOL's new Play app for Android devices and the GRAMMY's MusicIsLifeIsMusic site.

Affiliates receive 2-3% commission per month per subscriber for as long as they remain an Rdio user, which makes for an enticing residual income opportunity. Rdio has done well to increase its reach before more competitors arrive in the U.S., and we're interested to see just how ubiquitous the streaming service can become.

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