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Google Maps now shows electric vehicle charging stations

Google has added yet another bit of information to Google Maps -- the locations of EV (electric vehicle) charging stations. In the blog post announcing this addition, Google highlights that it has been supporting efforts to accelerate the adoption of EVs. Now that such vehicles have become more affordable, and since consumers have already started to (slowly) embrace them, it makes sense for Google Maps to help anyone quickly locate a charging station.

To use the new functionality, just search Google Maps for "ev charging station" followed by the area you're interested in -- such as "near mountain view ca" as in the example seen in the image above.

Google will be adding more charging stations to Google Maps in the future as soon as more data becomes available. Google is sourcing the information from several databases, including one launched by the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Once such databases are updated, the data inside Google Maps will be too.

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