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Google's Blogger platform gets a new-look Dashboard and Post Editor

Blogger, Google's popular blogging platform, is showing off a sneak peek at the next generation of its user interface. The Official Google Blog has screenshots of upcoming revamps to Blogger's Dashboard and Post Editor. There's also a video (after the break) that shows off the progress Blogger made in 2010 -- including improved stats, spam filtering, Web fonts, a template designer and zero downtime.

The juicy stuff is in the screenshots, though. You can see that Blogger's Post Editor, which currently looks so 2004, has finally caught up to the hottest design trends of 2007. The preview of the new UI is still not gorgeous, but at least it looks like something that was created in the past half-decade. Feature-wise, the toolbar is much more compact, and it appears location tagging has been added.

As for the Dashboard, it's been totally overhauled. The new version seems Tumblr-inspired, with most of the window taken up by a feed of all the Blogger blogs you're following. A sidebar gives you quick access to your individual blog dashboards and the Blogger profile editor.

The new design for Blogger is definitely a step in the right direction, and it's interesting to watch the platform shift toward internal traffic and a community approach, a la Tumblr. If the impressive numbers in Blogger's promo video are any indication, Google is definitely doing something right with its blogging service.

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