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Byword for Mac is a simple, minimalist app for writing

Byword for Mac

Byword for Mac
is a very simple application designed to let you do one thing, and one thing only: write. To achieve that, it's incredibly clutter-free, and it really doesn't get in your way at all. In fact, it's one of those apps that's almost entirely invisible -- by design. When you open it, the only thing you see is a clean full-screen interface that lets you start typing right away. There are no templates to choose from, no type settings to fine tune, and no spacing to adjust. You just get a blank, white screen that eagerly awaits the moment you fill it up with text.

Byword isn't entirely bereft of features, though -- it's just that its features are cleverly hidden. When you select a bit of text, for example, some formatting options neatly pop up next to it (see above left). You can also search for text via an integrated Find and Replace mechanism (shown in a picture after the break), and print or export your creations to PDF. Byword gives you five typography presets optimized for readability, plain text as well as rich text editing, and keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly make changes. The UI elements fade away while you're typing, allowing you to focus entirely on your writing, without any distractions. A nice touch is that the text of the paragraph you're currently working on is darker than the rest, when in full-screen mode (see the image above, to the right).

Byword has been launched today on the Mac App Store. You can get it for $2.99 for two more days, for $3.99 for another three days after that, and for $4.99 from then on.

Download Byword from the Mac App Store

Byword for Mac Find and Replace

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