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Windows Phone 7 'NoDo' update temporarily on hold

windows phone 7 nodo update
If there's anything Windows Phone 7 doesn't need, it's yet another botched update. And as much as the company would like to push the NoDo update, which will add copy and paste functionality to WP7 phones, it has been temporarily put on hold. In an official blog post, Microsoft's Eric Hautala explains that while the February pre-update was largely a success, the failures were a great source of concern.

Hautala resolutely states Microsoft's concern, too, saying "Let me be crystal clear: We're not satisfied when problems prevent you from enjoying the latest Windows Phone updates. When we find an issue, we study and fix it."

Microsoft can't really afford additional delays -- but a slight pause is certainly easier to deal with than any potential fallout from another misstep.

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