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LinkedIn Today gives you social news from your peers

LinkedIn Today

has introduced a news aggregation service called LinkedIn Today. This delivers a personalized news experience, letting you quickly discover the top headlines of the day based around what your connections and industry peers are reading and sharing.

LinkedIn Today gives you three different social views of professional news. First off, there's what your connections and coworkers are sharing. The service looks at the news being shared across your network and who is doing the sharing in order to highlight the stories that you should probably pay attention to as well.

Next up, LinkedIn Today looks at what your industry peers are sharing, therefore surfacing the top stories on what's happening in the industries you care about. It will automatically give you news from the industry you're working in, but if you're interested in other industries, you can follow them -- and get the relevant news from those particular fields as well. You'll also receive a weekly email digest of the top headlines from all the industries you follow.

LinkedIn Today also lets you take a peek at what news is trending across industries, employing the wisdom of the professional crowd that makes up LinkedIn's user base. You can easily see who shared a specific story that shows up in your LinkedIn Today stream, along with their comments, and you can filter the stream by industry or even by company.

A demo video of the new service is available after the break. LinkedIn Today will be making it into LinkedIn's iPhone app as well. The app will let you save articles for later reading, and see what your connections are reading.

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