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Instagram adds better news feed, tilt-shift filter

tilt shift instagramInstagram, the trendiest iPhone photo sharing app in the land, is on a roll. Fresh off the launch of an API, Instagram has updated its iOS apps with an improved news feed and a tilt-shift option to add some punch to your photos.

The news feed used to show only activity on your own photos -- likes, comments, and new followers. Now it has a second tab that shows what your friends are liking and commenting on, and who they've started following. It's a bit overwhelming, but potentially useful for discovering new people and pics on Instagram.

Instagram is known for its filters, but the ability to quickly tilt-shift a photo -- that's where you blur most of the image to add interest to a specific part of it -- is a whole new thing. It's a special effect that you can use in combination with any of the other filters, which is a first for Instagram. Very cool, but I hope this doesn't mark the beginning of feature-creep. The app's minimalism is what makes it so cool.

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