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Apple releases Garageband and updated iMovie for iOS

GarageBand and iMovie for iOS
To coincide with the release of the iPad 2 today, Apple's let loose both an update to the iOS iMovie app, supporting Apple's newest tablet, as well as a brand new GarageBand app for iPad. Released yesterday, both apps can be had for $5 a piece, and with some positive reviews coming in already, $4.99 seems quite a deal for the amount of utility you get, especially with GarageBand.

Both apps support the iPad 2, with iMovie also supporting the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch running iOS 4.2.6 or higher. GarageBand supports Apple's first-generation iPad too, but Apple has chosen not to support the original iPad with iMovie. The original iPad can run the application if you can get it installed however, and we've got a quick guide to show you how to just that without jailbreaking your iPad.

If you're an iPad owner and you've ever wanted to edit video on that 9.7-inch screen whilst out and about, or fancy yourself a budding musician, then iMovie and GarageBand are well worth checking out.

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