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RockMelt, the Facebook-powered Web browser, enters public beta

In November 2010, RockMelt launched the private beta of its social Web browser. The app features tight Facebook integration and offers plenty of social networking conveniences for its users. Now RockMelt has entered open beta testing, and the app is available for download by anyone who wants to kick the tires.

Like Flock, RockMelt offers at least one feature we really like: a master login. If you choose not to have RockMelt log in to your Facebook account automatically, you're prompted for your email address and password each time to launch the browser. Preferences like bookmarks aren't shared across accounts, either -- each Facebook ID gets its own unique browser profile.

If you're using a private computer which you can secure with a standard OS password, RockMelt offers a new QuickLaunch mode which will automatically sign you in to your Facebook account whenever you fire up the app. A new YouTube app has also been added, and it's a nice way to browse through some videos without leaving your current tab.

RockMelt's Chromium base has been bumped from version 6 to 9, which brings a whole slew of performance, security, and other improvements. Those of you who use Facebook frequently and think quick access to its communication tools might be handy should definitely give the new RockMelt a try.

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