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Meebo for iOS adds Web check-ins and initial Twitter support

meebo iosMeebo has pumped up its iOS app with a handful of new features which take it beyond multi-network instant messaging. Initial Twitter support has been added, as has the ability for users to check-in to websites they're browsing. You can enter a site manually, or simply scan a QR code.

There's also a new real-time feed tab which displays updates from your Facebook, Twitter, and Meebo streams. The Meebo 1.9 update is all about a better sharing experience, and based on comments in the official press release you can expect to see more such updates coming in the near future as the company rounds out Meebo's sharing and discovery features.

Head the App Store and update your existing install, or download Meebo for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Meebo 1.9 for iOS

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