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Instapaper 3.0 released for iPhone and iPad, with faster downloads and social networking

Instapaper, the popular read-it-later app for iPhone and iPad, has just updated to version 3.0. It still lets you save links anywhere to read later on your iDevice, but now it's a lot faster, and it's also got a very compelling new social element.

Instapaper now has native sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinboard and Evernote. You can even add articles to the sharing queue when you're offline, and everything will be shared when you reconnect. Tumblr users can even share articles as drafts, to be quoted or annotated for a later post.

Stars in Instapaper have become "likes," and you can view your friends' likes, as well. The combo of friends and saved articles makes Instapaper akin to its own Google Reader-like social network. You can add friends from your Twitter or Facebook accounts, or the email contacts on your iOS device.

RSS folders are being phased out, because they were slow to load and few users actually used or liked the feature. Getting rid of them makes room for the app to store a bigger archive of saved articles. You'll also be able to search your downloaded articles -- but not your entire Instapaper web archive.

All in all, 3.0 is an enormous improvement to an already-useful app. It's available now in the App Store for $4.99, and it's a free upgrade for anyone who's purchased Instapaper in the past.

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