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Flipboard gains Instagram support, social search, and gets much faster

Flipboard gains Instagram support
Flipboard has just updated its social-feed reading iPad app to version 1.2. This new version adds a performance boost and bug-fixes, with the highlight being Instagram integration.

Instagram integration

Taking advantage of the recent API access Instagram made available, the Flipboard team have enabled users to browse through the plethora of user-made photos in a digital representation of an old school photo album. It's a beautiful way to flip through the social-photo sharing feed and even lets you tap to expand shared photos, giving you a 2/3 iPad screen size view. You can even Like, comment, and share Instagram photos straight from Flipboard.

Flipboard Update with Instagram

Social Search

Flipboard's also rolled out a new 'Social search' that allows you to search across multiple sources of real-time updates using hashtags or key words. Social search pulls from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Google Reader, displaying the results in Flipboard's characteristic magazine-style way. It introduces a new way for people to wade through the sea of content and could make Flipboard your go-to for social search.


Flipboard 1.2 is also a lot faster than the previous iteration, running about twice as fast after the update. Of course pulling down content is dependant on a good Internet connection, but flipping through pages, zooming in, and adding extra content is all a lot snappier. It's a welcome improvement that removes quite a lot of the frustration with the app, making it feel lighter and faster.

Flipboard now has two more official content partners too, with and a photo blog called Pictory entering the fray. There's also a new refresh button located at the top of the page for reloading content and an expandable featured content ribbon for 'Editors' picks.'

Bringing Instagram support in with the already integrated Flickr and photos from Twitter, has made Flipboard even more visually exciting experience and combined with the speed increase has made a real usability increase to the app. If you haven't tried Flipboard yet, but have an Instagram account, then you must download the free app and try browsing your photo feed magazine-style.

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