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Twitter backpedals on the Quickbar, makes it no longer cover tweets

Twitter 3.3.1 for iOS Twitter has reacted to the backlash about the Quickbar, the new addition to its iOS apps that shows you trending topics (including promoted trends). The Quickbar was introduced in an update to Twitter for iOS that became available on March 3, and, in just a few days, it's been made very clear that people really hate it. So Twitter decided to step up and submitted an updated version of its app to Apple last Friday, just one day after the previous one was released. While Apple was reviewing the new version, however, the term "dickbar" was created along with its own hashtag, and a quick Twitter search will let you know just how people feel about the Quickbar.

The newly available Twitter app for iOS, version 3.3.1, still has the Quickbar, however it will no longer cover tweets once you scroll down. Twitter also says that it's fixed some bugs in this version, however some users are discovering that even more bugs may have been introduced. The Next Web has received reports of an erratic Quickbar, that sometimes even shows up at the middle of the screen, as well as the coming back of a Direct Messages bug that was thought to have been eradicated -- every time you open the app, the top three DMs are marked as unread. Alongside these bugs, it looks like the new Twitter app always displays the location icon when it is in use. Of course, as with all bugs, you may be lucky and never see any of the above -- or you may be very unlucky and get all three of them.

Twitter will surely continue to pump out updates to squash these bugs, however it may have already lost some users due to the recent mishaps. With dozens of Twitter apps available for iOS, it's not like they're short of choices.

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