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iOS 4.3 to be released today, and will allow up to five Personal Hotspot connections?

Rather than waiting until March 11 and the release of iPad 2, it looks like iOS 4.3 might be made available at 10am Pacific Time today according to BGR's sources.

The Golden Master was released only five days ago, but if no hard blocking bugs were found by Apple's slew of slavering developers, an early release isn't unusual -- and the sooner Apple gets iOS 4.3 into the hands of millions of consumers, the sooner any remaining bugs will be uncovered.

In other news, BGR is also reporting that the Personal Hotspot feature will allow five devices to share your device's 3G connection via Wi-Fi. The number of devices can still be reduced by the carrier, however -- if AT&T or Verizon (or Vodafone, or Orange...) want a maximum of three devices sharing a connection, then that's all you'll get.

Presumably, jailbreaking will re-open any carrier-closed slots, however.

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