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Internet Explorer 9 tips for power users from Microsoft itself

Not too long ago, we shared some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9. Now, the folks at Microsoft have compiled a whole slew of tips for IE9 users, from novices to seasoned surfers.

There are four categories at the moment -- Faster ways to get to your websites, Top keyboard shortcuts, Change and manage search providers, and Manage add-ons -- and there's also a good resource of videos that can walk you (or a newbie friend) through IE9's core features.

Most of the 'power tips' are fairly light on details at the moment -- the keyboard shortcut page only has seven shortcuts! -- but we're sure, by the time the browser is released, that it will grow into a sizable and comprehensive resource, just like the Windows 7 pages.

In the meantime, you'll learn more from reading our IE9 guide.

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