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Google Instant Previews come to iOS and Android search

Google Instant Previews for Mobile

After news of its emergence leaked in January, Google has now officially launched Instant Previews for Google searches performed on iOS and Android devices.

Instant Previews allow you to go through search results visually, scrolling through a list of snapshots of the pages that the respective results point to. To access this new functionality, just perform a Google search on your iOS (4.0 or newer) or Android (2.2 or newer) device. Then simply tap on the magnifying glass icon next to any search result (as seen in the left part of the image above). That will result in a side-by-side comparison view of the page previews for the first page of search results showing up. You can then swipe left or right to browse through the previews, or tap on one to go directly to that page.

Mobile Instant Previews are now available in 38 languages. A demo video is after the break. There's no word on whether this will ever make it to platforms other than Android or iOS, or even to older versions of those two.

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