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Flash Player 10.3 beta released with enhanced privacy controls, VoIP tools and analytics

Flash Player 10.3 beta
Adobe's just let loose Flash Player 10.3 beta for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, featuring a few new talents ready for developers to take advantage.

First up we've got 'Acoustic Echo Cancellation,' which aims to aid voice conferencing by implementing noise suppression, voice activity detection, automatic gain control for volume level compensation, and of course, acoustic echo cancellation. Adobe's pushing its technology for use in group chat, in-game voice chat, and VoIP solutions based on Flash.

Adobe has also integrated Flash's privacy controls with that of the browser, making the choice of whether to permit local storage of Flash content a lot easier and more obvious for the end user. Currently Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 8+ are supported, with Safari and Chrome on the list for future releases. Adobe's also incorporated a native control panel, which should make it a lot easier to control Flash Player settings for Windows and Mac users, who can now find it in either the Control Panel or System Preferences. Mac users also get a bit of auto-update love from Adobe, joining Windows with update notifications, keeping Flash Player updated and secured from vulnerabilities.

Flash Player 10.3 beta isn't solely aimed at the consumer however; Adobe's integrated video analytics into its Flash Player and Adobe SiteCatalyst system called 'Media Measurement.' It should allow content providers to get real-time information on how and to whom their video is being distributed regardless of method.

While there aren't any must have consumer features in 10.3 beta like there were in 10.2 with Stage video and hardware acceleration, Adobe's really pushing Flash forward and it's still worth checking out.

Download Flash Player 10.3 beta from Adobe Labs, and if you're using Chrome, don't forget to disable Chrome's built-in Flash Player to enable use of the beta.

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