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Zeus malware variant begins targetting BlackBerry users

It's been widely reported that the world's millions of smartphones are the next juicy target for malware creators, and we're beginning to see the shift. Trojanized apps recently infiltrated the Android Market and now Trend Micro is reporting that a Zeus trojan variant has begun infecting BlackBerry devices.

The trojan installs silently and then notifies its administrators that the compromised device is ready to receive instructions. Trend notes that an infected BlackBerry can be forced to block calls and phone numbers, add administrator accounts, turn the device on or off, and forward, delete, and display SMS messages.

While BlackBerry devices seem to be the primary target, Zeus variants have also been spotted on Symbian and Windows Mobile phones.

As is the case with desktop malware, vigilance and knowledge is the best defense: don't install untrusted apps and don't visit links you're unsure of on your mobile device.

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