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SugarSync blocked by China's firewall like so many invading Huns

sugarsync china
While you can't see the Great Firewall of China from space, its reach is global -- preventing those on the inside from accessing sites on the outside. Recently, another popular Web service was added to the block list: SugarSync.

As the company's Laura Yecies points out in a blog post, SugarSync's aim "is to make information access fast, easy and ubiquitous." That, of course, is a philosophy that runs counter to China's policy of rigidly moderated access to Internet resources. "China is making a determined effort to block this flow of information," Yecies states, "but I am convinced it is unstoppable."

Interestingly, Chinese was the first translation implemented by the SugarSync team, having been chosen to allow the app to reach as large an Internet audience as possible in the early days of the service. Right now, SugarSync is in use in 190 countries -- hopefully that number will one day return to 191.

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