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Angry Birds landing on Facebook in under a month

Angry Birds Facebook
The phenomenally successful Angry Birds is heading to the world's largest social network. Yep that's right, productivity is going to take a massive hit, because Rovio is bringing Angry Birds to Facebook.

Move over Farmville, there's a new Facebook-game obsession coming into town. According to All Facebook the game as heading to the social network within a month, while the official Facebook page is requesting Likes for further information. As of writing, over 1.3 million people have given Angry Birds the thumbs up.

Rovio's CEO Mikael Hed recently said that Angry Birds on Facebook would give the pigs a more prominent role, with "completely new aspects that haven't been experienced on any other platform." Exciting news for Angry Birds addicts indeed, but your Facebook news feed is likely to take a beating in the near future as Angry Bird blasts updates out as all your friends start battering those dastardly pigs.

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