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N64oid for Android completes the retro Nintendo emulator trinity

N64oid Nintendo 64 emulation
Yongzh, the same developer behind NESoid, SNESoid, GameBoid, Ataroid, and more (!), has finally released the last and most important Android retro emulator: N64oid.

N64oid looks and feels like Yongzh's other emulators, and like NESoid it has the option of using hardware keys (if you have them!) or an on-screen gamepad. We won't lie: gaming with an on-screen controller is nothing like the real thing; it works, but pulling off combos, like those required in fighting games, is not easy.

There's an option to use your Android device's accelerometer as the N64's analog stick, however, which could make RPGs like Zelda a lot easier to play. Also, all told, Yongzh's emulators have been downloaded around 5 million times, so the on-screen gamepad is obviously not that bad.

Game compatibility is apparently very good, and if you have a high-end device like the Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy or Droid, games should run very smoothly. As far as finding games to play with N64oid, if you still have your old N64 cartridges in a cupboard somewhere (who doesn't?), you can find ROM backups with a quick Google search.

We'll hopefully have a hands-on review of N64oid later today, so we'll be able to tell you first-hand just how good (or bad) it is.

Read our hands-on review of N64oid.

N64oid on the Android Market - $5.99

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