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iTunes to add unlimited downloads for purchased music, MobileMe going free?

itunes unlimited downloadsWhen headlines began cropping up about unlimited iTunes music downloads, we'll admit it raised a few eyebrows in the DS bunker. As it turns out, though, the "unlimited" isn't about an all-you-can-download music buffet, or even the Lala-powered iTunes streaming service you might be waiting for. No, it's about being able to re-download songs you've already purchased through iTunes with less hassle.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on deals with the big four recording labels which would give users permanent download access to songs purchased with their iTunes accounts. That means if you ever have a catastrophic hard drive failure (or four) you just need to install iTunes, log in, and pull down all your purchases again. It also means you'll be able to download onto your iPhone and iPad without needing to sync via iTunes on your desktop.

The Bloomberg report also mentions that Apple is still considering turning MobileMe into a free service, something which was reported previously by the Wall Street Journal and verified by the ever-popular "sources familiar with the situation."

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