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Bing Deals for iPhone and Android aggregates daily deals on

Bing DealsBing has launched a new addition to its mobile portal for iOS and Android. Bing Deals gives you access to more than 200,000 unique offers in 14,000 cities and towns across the US. The data is aggregated from deals providers such as Groupon, Living Social,, as well as many others.

Bing Deals is powered by The Dealmap, "a leading source for people to find and share the best local deals", according to Bing's own wording. Using Bing Deals you can discover, share, and search for the best deals in your vicinity.

To use Bing Deals, just head straight to on your iOS or Android device, and tap on Deals. This will immediately show you the very best offers in your metro area. These top deals, which Bing says are usually 30-50% off, reside under the Daily tab.

You can also quickly find businesses that offer deals near your location by tapping on the Nearby tab. This will make Bing Deals highlight deals within a few blocks of where you are. You can also browse deals by category or keyword, and once you find something you like you can save it for later, or share it with your friends via email. Of course, you can also immediately claim the deal directly from its provider.

When you search Bing from your smartphone, if you see a business listing within the results, and that business has a deal available, Bing Deals will highlight any available bargains.

You can also discover deals from your desktop, but, rather mindbogglingly, not from a Windows Phone 7 device. To find deals on your desktop, you must search for a business' name. If that business has a deal avaialble, a green deal icon will show up. However, to access the list of all available deals near you, you must use the Bing mobile portal. Confusingly awesome.

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