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Twitter for iOS updated with "quick bar" and new friend finder

Twitter's iOS apps have been updated with several new features and UI tweaks. The first thing you'll notice in the iPhone version is the new "quick bar" at the top of your timeline. It displays a rotating list of trends, including promoted trends, and can't be disabled. It's a feature if you like trends, but it's just a pesky ad banner if you don't. The quick bar hasn't appeared in the iPad version of the app yet.

More useful are improvements to the "new tweet" interface, especially the addition of more obvious buttons to add a photo or tag a location. Usernames you're following now autocomplete, as well, making it easier to write replies on the go. There's also a new friend finder that scans your iOS contact list for friends with Twitter accounts. Whether these new features outweigh the annoyance of the quick bar is a matter of personal preference.

You can download Twitter in the App Store.

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