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Seesmic for Android beefs up Facebook support, adds widgets and TwitLonger

seesmic androidSeesmic has updated its Android app with much-improved Facebook support. Users can now add multiple Facebook accounts, and post, comment, and like items on walls and Facebook pages they administer.

Homescreen widgets have also been added, and all Seesmic's social networks are supported -- Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Salesforce Chatter. Support for Google's URL shortener has been added, as has automatic TwitLonger handling for tweets beyond 140 characters.

Seesmic 1.6 is a fairly major upgrade, and one which will be particularly handy for Facebookers. We've not had reason to switch from the first-party Twitter and Facebook apps on my Android device thus far, but Seesmic's gravitational pull is getting stronger with each update.

Grab Seesmic for Android from the Market -- or scan the QR code after the break.

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