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Posterous for iOS and Android adds group creation and management

Posterous Groups mobilePosterous has announced updates to its mobile apps, for both iOS and Android. The updated versions of the apps bring support for creating and managing Posterous Groups, which is an email list-like service that can be used either as a traditional email list, or as a group sharing service. Up until now, you could only set up a new group via email.

Once a group is created its members can share text, images, videos, music, and other file types -- either by emailing that group's unique address, or, from now on, by using either of the Posterous mobile apps.

Besides creating and viewing groups, the apps allow you to add group members from your mobile contacts and quickly interact with posts from other members of a group.

With this release, Posterous is clearly shifting from its original focus of 'dead-simple blogging via email' and branching out into private sharing territory. Since the groups are set to private by default, it may become an interesting alternative to services such as Facebook's new Groups for easily (and securely) sharing stuff between friends or family members.

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