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Opera is the first non-Safari browser and BitTorrent client in the Mac App Store

opera mac app store
Opera made waves when it successfully launched its Opera Mini browser for the iPhone. Now company has made its way into Apple's Mac App Store, which makes Opera 11.01 the first Web browser in the Mac App Store that isn't built around Safari's Webkit core.

Its description in the store is fairly tame, trumpeting Opera's speed and security along with gesture support and its trademark speed dial page. There's no mention of extension support or the built-in email client, though both are shown in the screenshots.

Something else which isn't called out is the fact that Opera can also download torrents -- and that's not something Apple has ever looked too kindly upon. Opera's BitTorrent support is rarely discussed, and it isn't depicted in the App Store description or images, either. Still, with built-in support for a technology that Apple has historically linked to illegal use, it will be interesting to see just how long Opera is welcome to stay at Apple's party.

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