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Opera 11.10 adds more Speed Dial tweaks, Presto refinements

opera speed dial
Opera 11.10 Barracuda recently started baring its teeth, so to speak, revealing some subtle but welcome changes to the browser's trademark Speed Dial page. In its latest snapshot, further enhancements have been added.

You can now customize titles for your Speed Dial entries, and the page itself is zoomable -- making it easier to cram large numbers of pages onto a single screen for scroll-free, single-click access. There's also a new button which you can click to configure Speed Dial options, and you can choose to use a three, four, or five column layout.

The update also brings some improvements to the built-in email client and several enhancements to Opera 11.10's Presto rendering core. Check the release notes for a complete list of the changes in the latest version of Presto

Download the latest Opera 11.10 snapshot for Windows, Mac, or Linux

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