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BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS?

bbm android iosBlackBerry owners love BBM, and it's one of the best out-of-the-box messaging apps you'll find on any smartphone platform. According to Boy Genius Report, RIM may finally be preparing to extend BBM beyond its own OS -- releasing Android and iOS versions. The reason for the change of heart could be the spate of very capable and very popular cross-platform BBM alternatives.

While it would certainly be nice to message a handful of my BBM contacts from my Droid Incredible, I can already communicate with those people using other IM clients like Google Talk and Facebook chat. Add in the fact that BGR's sources say that BBM for Android and iOS may lack the ability to share photos, location, and videos, and I start to wonder just how successful such an app would be.

What do you think, DS readers? Is a feature-limited BBM app for your Android or iOS device something you'd install?

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