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Flickr for Windows 7 tablets and Windows Phone 7 officially introduced

flickr windows 7 tablet slate
Originally unveiled back in January, Flickr has now officially introduced its apps for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 tablets. You'll find the Flickr WP7 app in the Zune Marketplace, while its tablet-friendly cousin is downloadable from this page (Silverlight required). Both apps provide a slick interface for browsing and searching Flickr, and they also provide a nice way to upload and manage your existing photos. Syncing is supported, so you can automatically push new images from your devices to Flickr when you launch the apps.

It's important to note that the Windows 7 version is designed for tablets -- so it's not worth installing on your desktop or laptop unless you happen to have a touch-capable display. If you happen to own a system like an HP TouchSmart, however, you might just want to try Flickr for Windows on it.

Flickr's official video introduction to the two apps is after the break, for those of you who want to see it in action.

[Seb spent a whole five minutes trying to make it work, before Lee told him it was tablet-only... -Ed]

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