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Unity Android released, enables rapid porting from iOS, Web and PC

unity android
Unity -- the popular 3D game development tool -- has announced that its Unity Android and Unity Android Pro tools are now available for download. So what's the big deal? The tool allows developers who have used Unity to create games for other platforms -- including iOS -- to port them to Android with "one click."

Loads of popular games have been created using Unity, and some have already been ported using Unity Android -- Samurai II: Vengeance and Drift Mania Championship, for example. "We were very impressed with how simple it was to port our iPhone game Drift Mania[...]to Android. The complete process took less than a week, which consisted of minor graphic adjustments and some fine tuning," said Ratrod Studios' Pat Toulouse.

With Unity Android now publicly available, it won't be long before many of the other titles on its games list make the jump to Android.

In other news, Unity is working full time on providing an Export to Flash Player option to Unity. Needless to say, if a game can be written once and published to iOS, Android, Flash and the Web Player plug-in, developers will be all over it.

Finally, if you're a developer, or if you're interested in cross-platform gaming, our former editor-in-chief recently interviewed Unity's CEO for TUAW.

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