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Gmail Contacts for Google Apps get business specific enhancements

Google Apps Contacts
Google's working hard to make their cloud-based Google Apps platform a viable alternative to the traditionally Microsoft Exchange-dominated corporate PIM space. The latest round of improvements focus in on Gmail Contacts for Google Apps, by rolling out the changes Big G made last year for regular Gmail users, plus some business specific changes.

For starters, when you add new contact information it'll default to 'Work' instead of 'Home,' a small but useful change for working contacts. You can also now view domain directory contacts merged with your personal contacts and add contacts from the domain directory into your 'My Contacts' list in one click. Contact groups have gotten a boost too, with the ability to quickly add or specify a particular email address from a contact with multiple addresses for use in individual groups. Lastly, if you managed to delete an important contact, or changed something by accident you can revert changes made to your contacts for up to 30 days.

If you happen to be using Google Apps, you'll have to wait until your administrator enables the new contact interface in the 'next generation administrative control panel.' Time to get nagging perhaps.

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